[Dwnd fixed] Messenger Plus! Live 4.10.250 ! (compatible WLM 8.1)

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Christophe Lavalle
Dimanche 12 novembre 2006, 14:14

msgpluslive_logoPatchou, développeur de Messenger Plus! Live, vient de mettre à jour son addon. Il passe en version 4.10.250 et nous apporte quelques nouveautés, corrections de bugs mais aussi la compatibilité avec Windows Live Messenger 8.1 BETA.

Cette version aurait du sortir sous le numéro 4.02.xxx. Cependant, suite à la sortie de la version 8.1 de Windows Live Messenger BETA, il y avait trop de bugs. Patchou a donc retardé sa mise à disposition, a rajouter quelques nouveautés et la fait passée en version 4.10.

Update : le fichier sur le serveur été corrompu. Le problème est maintenant fixé. ;)

La barre de téléchargement a été mise à jour. J'ai également mis à disposition le changelog pour cette version. Il est en anglais est disponible dans « lire la suite de l'article" ;) :

  • Compatible with the public beta version of Windows Live Messenger 8.1 (can't be sure about the final but it should be alright).
  • Supported internal registry settings are now documented on msgpluslive.net. This gives access to more than 20 different kind of settings to the most hardcore Messenger users.
  • Commands are now recognized even when some characters are automatically replaced by custom emoticons.
  • The search feature in the sound panel can now display multiple pages and does not display « get random sound » entries.
  • Added an internal message to help skinning applications interact with Messenger Plus!.
  • Quick texts now always properly parse emoticon codes.
  • Enabled scripts are now displayed first in the preferences panel.
  • Floating contact windows can now be hidden for a couple of seconds when clicking with the middle mouse button on them. Useful when you want to temporarily access something that's behind the windows.
  • If Messenger crashes when started, every installed script is disabled as a precautionary measure and a message is displayed.
  • Added Arabic language with full right-to-left support. Every window in Messenger Plus! is properly mirrored when this language is selected (as long as support for RTL languages is installed in your Windows).
  • Fixed: the XML event log file can be corrupted by new external mail events depending on the language file Messenger Plus! is using.
  • Fixed: event notifications and sounds don't work properly with Remote Desktop.
  • Fixed: the setup displays a system error instead of a user friendly error when launched on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed: Messenger may crash the first time a user signs-in after installing Messenger Plus! if old external mail settings are imported from Messenger Plus! 3.
  • Fixed: no overwrite message is displayed when saving a display picture file from the Contact Info window with an existing file name.
  • Fixed: contact names sometimes appear as « 1 » in the windows of Messenger Plus! when Yahoo Interop is activated.
  • Fixed: no more unnecessary extra space character when inserting bbcode tags with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed: scripts can't be imported when the Scripts directory does not exist.
  • Fixed: Quick Icons panel doesn't display when a parenthesis is typed after a carriage return has been inserted in the message.
  • Fixed: receiving multi-line messages with plain-text chat logging turned on can freeze Messenger.
  • Fixed: commands don't work in quick texts that contain smart tags (like (!N)).
  • Fixed: false name change notifications in the event viewer for Yahoo Messenger contacts upon signin.
  • Fixed: on systems with several screens, Messenger Plus! windows that are minimised on smaller screens sometimes restore bigger than they should.
  • Fixed: Messenger Plus! can mix-up the settings of different contacts who have very similar email addresses.
  • Scripts: added Messenger::CustomEmoticons property to access the custom emoticons of the current Messenger users.
  • Scripts: added « Emoticons » and « Emoticon » objects. They are both pretty straightforward to use (see documentation).
  • Scripts: an error is now logged in the Script Debugging window when an exception is thrown in Interop.Call.
  • Scripts: when importing a script that's already installed, if some files are locked in the script's directory, Messenger Plus! restarts Messenger to unlock the files and complete the installation procedure (can be useful in cases where an ActiveX is loaded and refuses to unload when the script is stopped).
  • Scripts: added EnterPersonalizedStatus and LeavePersonalizedStatus events to notify when the user activates or disables a personalised status.
  • Scripts: added PlusWnd::RegisterMessageNotification. This new function can be used by more advanced scripters who want to receive specific messages processed by their windows.
  • Scripts: DataBloc:GetAt and DataBloc:SetAt use unsigned values now.
  • Scripts: sending WM_SETTEXT to an interface window changes both the caption and the title of the window.
  • Scripts: Interop.GetLastError() now works properly (see documentation).
  • Script: Interop.Call and Interop.Call2 now accept parameters ranging from 0x80000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF.
  • Scripts: added a flag to MsgPlus::CreateWnd to allow the creation of RTL windows.
  • Scripts: .NET 2.0 assemblies are now registered properly even when .NET 1.0 or 1.1 is also installed in the system.
  • Scripts: added ChatWnd::AddContact() to invite contacts to join existing chats.
  • Scripts: a special error is logged in the debug window when Interop.Call is used on functions that are not declared as __stdcall. Script developers: do NOT ignore these errors, they will cause instabilities and eventually crash Messenger in random places.
  • Scripts: creation of a new application called « Interface Tester ». It allows script developers to test their interface files and preview the result as when loaded in Messenger Plus!. It can also validate xml files against the interface schema file. The software can be downloaded from a link in the new version of the Scripting Documentation.
  • Several other internal improvements.

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