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General Policy

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  1. Exchanges must follow some basic rules: politeness, courtesy, not defamatory/racist/abusive/personal attacks/threats. Exchanges must be made in respect of positions and opinions.
  2. Macabre or pornographic content are not tolerated. The Forums are aimed at people of all ages.
  3. Posts and external links should provide added value to the discussion. If only a portion of the external link in the post is to look at, it is better to copy/paste the information and indicate the source with a link to the website of the relevant page for better readability.
  4. Posts and advertising links are not allowed. Pinnula is not a space to promote personal websites or business in a dedicated topic or post published in a discussion. Any abuse will be punished after a first warning will be sent to the email address entered in your profile.
  5. Posts must be written in French. The “texting” or “SMS” language is not allowed. Spelling, grammar and formatting of messages must be considered.
  6. Discussions should remain within the current legal terms. All incentives or assistance to piracy, screenshots highlighting software like uTorrent, links to illegal content: direct download, peer to peer, torrent, warez or threats should be avoided.
  7. Any contribution is welcome but should nevertheless provide added value to the discussion. Any participation in order to increase the counter of his postings are not allowed. Responses/posts of the type “first!”, “Old news”, “I published this information x days ago”, “stupid mark”... are inappropriate.
  8. Place your subject in the good part and subpart Forums. If you are unsure, send a private message with the explicit title of your topic to a moderator for get help.
  9. Use a title that explicitly describes the content of your post. Thank you for not use special characters to draw attention on your subject.
  10. Respect the decisions of the moderators or administrators. All public objections will be deleted without notice and authors can be sanctioned without notice. However, you have the right and opportunity to send a private message to a moderator or administrator for discuss a decision.
  11. Must be a moderated use of your image and signature. Your signature should not be a novel, tell a story or look like a picture album. Any abuse will be punished after a first warning will be sent to the email address entered in your profile.
  12. It is recommended that a preliminary search in the forums before opening a new topic to avoid duplication of similar or identical topics.
  13. Anyone detecting a breach of these rules should contact a moderator or administrator for that we can rectify it quickly. You may use the Forums or personal messages through the contact form available at this address.
  14. If penalty, temporary suspension or permanent deletion of your account and associated data, you have no right to create a new. You must respect the decision that led to the penalty and understand its causes. Any account created in this case will be immediately deleted permanently without notice.
  15. Pinnula reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any time. Any change or modification shall apply without delay.
  16. Enthusiasm and good humor required! :)

Last update : 07/02/2014