Pinnula, an history...

Pinnula was born in 2006 in response to my desire of share informations what I owned about Microsoft's products/technologies with worldwide users. I active in many beta programs of official products/technologies such as Windows Client and Server, Office and Windows Live products. Since, Pinnula met his public.


Pinnula key dates:

  • May 2006:
      Birth Pinnula through news about products published by Microsoft.
  • June 2007:
      Launch of version 2 offering a new experience at the UI.
  • February 2009:
      Launch of version 3 with more than a year of reflection and hesitation with the birth of the weekly newsletter.
  • September 2009:
      Launch of Version 4 giving rise to the forums, improving the download and existing services. The site is now completely developed using ASP.NET 3.5 technology!
  • September 2009:
      Launch version 4 beta 1 inaugurating a new graphical user interface and improving existing services and overall performance. The site is now completely developed using ASP.NET 3.5 technology!
  • February 2011:
      Launch version 4 beta 2 bringing a total overhaul of the news part and adding user accounts, needed for comment news now.
  • September 2011:
      Migration to the new platform entirely developped in-house has completely finished. The public part was already migrated since february 2011 but the administration and the data were still on the old architecture. The news will now raining!
  • Summer 2014:

From September 2006 to September 2011, following my involvement (Christophe Lavalle) on Pinnula, Microsoft decided to give me the MSP status: Microsoft Student Partner. It is presented by Microsoft as:

Who are the MSP?

The title of Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) rewards and encourages students demonstrating an exceptional commitment and expertise around Microsoft products or technologies.

Pinnula is also referenced by Microsoft since April 2007 on their portal as an online partner community around their products.

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Since 2006, our desire is not lowered, it is even greater! It is with pleasure that we continue to share full information with you in the coming months. And more!

The team

Christophe LAVALLE

Christophe Lavalle (contact)
Creator, webmaster, developer, editor and moderator

The future

For nearly three years, you can follow the news of Microsoft products in place. In 2009, we will offer you even more news and services related to Microsoft products. We will also try to diversify in order to provide a space for discussions and debates that we all hope will be very constructive for each of you and us, and open to other technologies.

Appointment for the year-end results!

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Pinnula thank you for the interest that you wear everyday. :)

The advertisements

Pinnula income only derives these banners ads that are scattered throughout the site. These are these revenues that allow you to continue to read daily news published. Without those income, Pinnula could not live.

This can cause some inconveniences but thank you to bear in mind the reason of their presence. :)